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"The city was my first artistic motivation. The urban landscape,

in my opinion so characterized by chance and the unattainable, is

what I want to explore in my photos, prints

and videos".

​Fava da Silva is from Rio de Janeiro from Favela da Maré, the daughter of Paraibanos. In her work, she explores images that populate her memories and imagination related to her childhood and trajectory as a woman and artist. She studied arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York, in Parque Lage (RJ), attended the painting studio of artist Leonora Weissmann, as well as a bachelor's and master's degree in the field of cinema. Represented by the Camarones Arte Contemporânea Gallery (Buenos Aires), she participated in individual and group exhibitions at Galeria Ibeu (RJ), Galeria Lanzallamas (Buenos Aires), Galeria NYC (NY), Casa Azeitona (BH), Centro Cultural dos Correios (Juiz de Fora and Niterói), GreenpointGallery(NY), among others. In 2018 she was contemplated by the Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture of the city of Belo Horizonte with the prize for the realization of an artist residency lasting 3 months, being 1 month in Lisbon and 2 months in Buenos Aires. In 2014, she had his prints published in the Belgian magazine Actuel.

As a cultural producer, Fava has worked in the following projects: Novo Cine IV – Fundação Cultural Hispano-Brasileira (Madrid); Bela Labe – Bela Maré (Rio de Janeiro); Travessias 2 – Bela Maré (Rio de Janeiro); Virei Viral – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro); Brasil de Tuhu (Rio de Janeiro); Angelo Venosa Show – Palácio das Artes (Belo Horizonte); Cabeça - Milton Machado Show – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Belo Horizonte) Kandinsky: Tudo Começa num Ponto – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Belo Horizonte); Cine Sesc na Escola (Belo Horizonte); Leonilson: Truth, Fiction – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Belo Horizonte); Zeitgeist Show: Art of the New Berlin – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Belo Horizonte); Nuno Ramos: o direito à preguiça – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Belo Horizonte); Globo da Morte de Tudo of Nuno Ramos and Eduardo Climachausca – Sesc Pompeia (São Paulo); ComCiência of Patricia Piccinini – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Belo Horizonte).

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